Rent To Own Cars, Vans and weekly rental TAXIs

Why Rent To Own?

You've probably heard of Rent To Own from the property people. Property Angels are using Rent To Own as an ideal way of First Time Buyers getting on the property ladder. When you can't afford to buy your first home, but you know that you are just spending money on renting when you could be saving money by investig in your own home.

Well Rent To Own for car finance is exactly the same. You enter into a Rent To Own contract so that you guarantee that the car will be yours at the end of the contract period. This is usually 24 or 30 months. Rent to Own is an alternative to Islamic Finance. If your religion bars you from borrowing money then why not rent it with a contract that means you'll own it after paying the final rental payment.

Who is it for?

Rent To Own is ideal for those who can't get finance because of adverse credit, CCJ, bad credit or poor credit history. If you are young or have never had credit then you won't have the right credit rating to buy your new car. If you've ever been bankrupt or had a voluntary agreement or been struck off as a director then you are stuck for getting finance ..... but you can RENT TO OWN

So How does it work?

Rent To Own is deposit driven and relies on affordability; you must be able to demonstrate you can afford the weekly or monthly payments otherwise we are breaking the law in offering you terms that will get you into financial trouble. So we need a sizable first payment and to see your bank statements and, once you've signed the contract, that's about it.

How to apply

CALL US ON 01254 771142 to talk through what we can do for you

Call us right now, before you do anything else. If you click away on to something else before you call you will forget to do it, the time will never be right. You know already that you will find that the car you want is just a few days away from being your very own pride and joy. How else are you going to get that car?


Matilda lives in Essex and is 22 years old. She's never had credit before and has not enough credit history to get the finance for the mini one cabriolet she wants to buy. She's got £1800 saved up and can aford £289 per month, but the car she wants is £8,000. So how did she do it? She phoned us and 14 days later she took her new black mini one cabriolet with all the trimmings.

Alison lives in Lancashire with her family. She needs a people carrier. She only has £500 deposit but the family budget will easily stretch to £43 per week. She now has a gorgeous Blue Zafira, her pride and joy.

Joe is a carpet fitter. Carpet comes on a 4 metre long roll and usually carpet fitters use specialist vans or else have the customer's brand new carpet sticking out the back of the van or on the roof. Well Joe doesn't want that so he contacted us to see what we could do as he has a bad credit history and has been turned down elsewhere. He has only a small deposit but can afford £389 per month as he's in demand. We found him a very low mileage 4m IVECO that looks great.

Dean had just bought with cash a Transit Connect. It  took all the cash he had available to buy it but after just a few weeks reailised it was too small for his new business. As a new business owner he'd struggle to get credit so he was stuck until he talked with us. We took his Transit Connect as his starter payment and found him a low mileage bigger van that he's delighted with.

Shirley and her husband have just started their new courier company. They've both worked for other people and have all the contacts but their business is a start-up and they've no credit history. They've got £10,000 to put down but they need 5 brand new vans costing £80,000 in total. Clearly without these vans they've no business as their main customer insists that they use new vehicles. They could buy older vehicles with their cash but they'd lose the big contract and the business wouldn't be viable from day one. We sourced 5 brand new Citroen Berlingos and saved the day. 

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