Rent to Own Vans

no credit check rent to own vans


No Credit Checks, Guaranteed Van Financing

This easy to obtain solution to finding a van even though you have tried endlessly through various 'offers' is really very simple. We provide quality used vans that come to you serviced, taxed, MOT'd and in very good condition.

How do rent to own contracts work?

  • We pay the road tax for the duration of the agreement.
  • We pay for any subsequent MOT certificates during the agreement.
  • We can arrange to for you to swap into larger or smaller vehicles vehicles during the agreement.
  • YOU will OWN the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

So, CCJ's, arrears, bankruptcy, IVA, defaults we can help! You have to have a full UK driving license, be on the electoral roll and have a current bank account in your name at your current address.

New van rental contracts

We also have a selection of new vans that can be offered on a 24 month 2,000 miles per month lease where the van comes back to us at the end of the term.

You have to insure all vehicles at all times during these agreements.

Like what you see?

Have poor credit? Interested in renting to own your next van? We guarantee we can give you a van financing deal! Give us a call and we can explain the best options for your particular credit history.

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